Debinding Furnaces

GOCERAM Debinding Furnaces are used for heavy-duty thermal debinding of volatiles, such as polymers, waxes and solvents from powder based green bodies. The furnaces can be run in vacuum, air, inert as well as reducing atmospheres. With a multi-level setting furniture, in combination with an internal convection fan, the production-size horizontal furnace can be efficiently filled with parts for rapid removal of almost unlimited amounts of volatiles. The furniture is sliding on runners for smooth and fast loading and unloading. All internal furnace parts are made of heat resistant stainless steel and there is no volatile absorbing fibre insulation present inside, which makes the furnace robust and easy to maintain.

Rate controlled debinding

The furnaces can be equipped with a PC-controlled balance, placed underneath the heating chamber, which continuously records the weight loss rate. With a software based on Test Point™ from CEC, a pre-programmed weight loss rate controls the process temperature, ensuring reduced debinding times and minimal risk of debinding defects. All furnaces are already from the beginning prepared for adding this device.

Vapour collecting system

Binder vapours are collected in a cold trap, equipped with cooling water jacket and electrostatic filter. The cold trap camber is made of stainless steel and is designed to be easy to empty and clean. As an option, an additional mist collector can be included in the vapour collecting system.

Internal fan and gas flow

All furnaces are equipped with internal heat-resistant convection fans for even heat distribution and accelerated debinding rates. The flow rate of the gas through the furnace chamber and into the cold trap, is controlled by a flowmeter. To speed up the gas flow and at the same time save expensive sweep gases, it is possible to recycle some of the gas from the cold trap outlet and feed it back into the furnace (option).


  • Balance for weight-loss rate control including
  • PC control unit
  • Extra multi-level furnace furniture
  • Maximum temperature 800°C
  • Gas recycle systems
  • Custom-built
  • Debinding Furnaces according to specific requirements

Technical Data

GC-DVDebinding in vacuum, inert, reducing atmospheres and air
GC-DDebinding in air only
Effective chamber volume50 and 100 litres
Atmosphereair, inert, reducing atmospheres (90% N2 + 10% H2) & vacuum
Maximum temperature600°C (optional design 800°C)
600°C (optional design 800°C)0,1 - 200 l/h (50 l), 0,2 - 400 l/h (100 l)
Vacuum pressure<0,1 mbar
Dimensions (w×d×h)100×140×180 cm³ (50 l), 120×170×180cm³ (100 l)
Weight, approx.150 kg (50 l), 250 kg (100 l)
Mains connection230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1-phase, 2200 W (50 l), 3500 W (100 l)
GC-DV-RCDebinding in vacuum, inert, reducing atmospheres and air
Weight-loss rate controlled debinding
Additional data
Maximum load6 kg, 60 kg (depending on the balance)
Absolute weight resolution0,01 g (6 kg), 0,1 g (60 kg)
Minimum weight loss rate0,005 g/min (6 kg), 0,05 g/min (60 kg)
Control unitPC with adapted software