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Goceram supplies complete production lines and know-how licenses for Medium Pressure Powder Injection Molding – MEDPIMOLD. With this technology complex shaped components of metallic and ceramic materials can be manufactured cost-effectively. And the built-in flexibility makes it suitable for both small- and large-volume production. NEW! Water-extractable or thermally evaporable binder system (TeWeX) – can be used for both Medium and High Pressure PIM. And more: the feedstocks can be used directly in the new generation of 3-D printers!

For more details regarding our feedstock technologies, please visit the website for GC Advanced Material Solutions Limited: https://gcamsltd.wixsite.com/gcams

Next generation of fully automatic injection moulding machines, GC-MPIM-4-MA, for production of metal and ceramic components. This one is equipped with a servo-motor system. See also our new product sheet of the machine.

To convince you about the usefulness of the MEDPIMOLD technology, we are always ready to carry out test trials with powder materials and components according to your choice. We perform this as a technical service at a shared low net cost. Such a prototyping test will help you to decide whether MEDPIMOLD is the technology of choice for the production of your metallic or ceramic parts. Some demo videos are available on our channel www.dailymotion.com/GOCERAM.

Our office together with our demonstration facility is located in Gothenburg – the industrial city of Sweden – in the north of Europe. Our equipment is marketed worldwide, as direct sales or by representatives in the USA, Asia and Europe.

If you are interested in this production technology, please contact us.

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News and Events

It is always a pleasure to welcome you at the CERAMITEC trade fairs in Munich, Germany. Our next exhibition: MIM2019, Orlando, Florida, USA.

We participated at MIM2012 and MIM2016 Int. Conferences & Expo, CA, USA

Goceram gave a presentation and exhibited at the International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition & Conference in Shanghai, China on 22-24 April 2011.

We took part in the PIM 2009 exhibition in Florida, USA