Supercritical CO2 Extractors

A supercritical carbon dioxide extractor with an effective chamber volume of 20 litres, to be used when rapid binder removal is required. With this equipment, it is possible to extract binder from large injection moulded parts with thicknesses exceeding 30 millimeters.

Supercritical CO2 extractor

Some features of the supercritical extraction equipment are a recirculating CO2 fluid system, resulting in very low CO2 consumption, and a separator continuously separating the binder from the CO2 during extraction. The following example shows the efficiency of the system:

As an example, the 20 litre extractor can each time be set with 650 pieces of injection moulded watchcases. One complete extraction cycle takes only five to six hours, by which 90-95% of the binder is removed. The output of the 20 litre chamber unit is thus more than sufficient for large-scale production.

Interior of a 50 litre extractor chamber
set with a limitedl number of parts.

Equally important, we have rationalised the unit design to be able to offer units at an attractive price. As a result, the investment cost is actually comparable to thermal debinding systems.

Advantages of supercritical extraction

  • Considerably reduced debinding times
  • Dispensable powder embedment
  • Better form stability – no shrinkage during extraction
  • Finer tolerances – no rearrangement of particles
  • Improved surface finish
  • Possible to extract thick-walled components
  • No reactions between CO2 and powder – CO2 is thermodynamically stable
  • Extracted paraffin ca be reused without any refinement
  • No additional CO2 to the atmosphere

Technical Data

Effective chamber volume20 litres, 50 litres
Supercritical fluidCO2
Pressure300 bar
Flow rate1 kg CO2/min (20 l), 2 kg CO2/min (50 l)
Load50 kg ( 20 l), 100 kg (50 l)
Extraction rate0.2 kg binder/h (20 l), 0.4 kg binder/h (50 l)
Dimensions (w×d×h)80×110×170 cm³ (20 l), 90×120×180cm³ (50 l)
Weight, approx.150 kg (20 l), 250 kg (50 l)
Mains connection150 kg (20 l), 250 kg (50 l)

Learn more about the process by reading abstract on supercritical CO2 extraction under Shows and Conferences or view OH presentation in pdf format.

Data sheet in pdf format

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