Medium Pressure Injection Moulding Machines

GOCERAM Medium Pressure Injection Moulding (MPIM) machines are designed for moulding of ceramic, metal and intermetallic (tungsten carbide) feedstocks, primarily using wax-based binders. These table top units are compact, flexible and service-friendly and are constructed for durable large scale, fully automatic production, as well as for short series in semi-automatic or manual mode. The GC-MPIM-3-MA is an essential component of a complete, cost-effective, production line for complex, net-shaped components.

Fully automatic Medium Pressure Injection Moulding Machine, model GC-MPIM-3-MA, with pick-up device.

Large Moulding Machines for Large Injection Volumes

Medium Pressure Injection Moulding Machine for injection volumes up to 300 cm³. This particular machine, model GC-MPIM-3-M-AQ, is designed for aqueous consolidation systems.


The GC-MPIM-3-MA is equipped with a unique Compact Injection moulding Module – CIModule – in which the feedstock is kept, see photo. It consists of the pressure chamber, the injection piston and the hopper – all made of stainless steel. The module is designed to be easy to clean and rapidly interchangeable (requires about 5 min). The versatile CIModule can, in addition- to the wax system, be used for other binder concepts, for instance gel-casting or freeze forming.

Modes of operation – pneumatic or with a servo-motor

In the standard version of the MPIM Machines, GC-MPIM-3-MA, the feedstock is injected into the mould by a pneumatic piston – a simple, reliable and robust system.

As an option, the machines can be equipped with an electrical servo-motor with digital, high precision motion control unit including a supervising PC or a durable terminal – model designation GC-MPIM-3-MA-X. In this case injections with different rate profiles can be programmed in order to perfectly adapt the injection cycle to a certain


Because of the moderate injection pressure, the tooling cost is low. The moulds can be produced of not only steel but also of more easy-to-machine metals such as aluminium and brass. In addition even plastics, preferably with heat conductive additives, can be used.


  • Fully automatic operation with a pick-up device
  • PC-controlled electrical servo-motor with digital motion control
  • Pressure gauge in the CIModule with digital display unit
  • Extra CIModule (incl. pressure chamber, piston and hopper), 35 or 100 ccm
  • Mould tool with glass window for testing
  • Custom-built MPIM Machines according to specific requirement

Technical Data

Injection by pneumatic cylinder, Manual and Automatic mode
Injection by pneumatic cylinder, Manual mode (preperad for Automatic mode)
Operation temperature
20° – 120°C
Injection pressure
0 – 50 bar
Flow rate:Injection
350 - 35 cm³0 - 20 cm³/s0-50 bar
800 - 80 cm³0 - 40 cm³/s0-50 bar
2000 - 200 cm³0 - 100 cm³/s0-40 bar
3000 - 300 cm³0 - 150 cm³/s0-40 bar
Injection time
0.6 sec – 60 min
Production time
up to 360 cycles/hour (one cavity tool)
Hopper volume
2 litres
Dimensions (w×d×h)
900×1200×1400 mm³
Weight, approx.
200 kg
Mains connection
230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1-phase, 3000 W
Pressurised air supply
4 -10 bar
Injection by high precision servo-motor with digital motion controller,
Manual and Automatic mode

Additional data

Flow rate:Injection
Absolute resolution
during injection:
350 - 35 cm³0 - 70 cm³/s0-50 bar0.05 mm³
800 - 80 cm³0 - 120 cm³/s0-50 bar0.10 mm³
2000 - 200 cm³0 - 180 cm³/s0-50 bar0.15 mm³
3000 - 300 cm³0 - 260 cm³/s0-50 bar0.20 mm³
Eight programmable segments for desired injection profile
Control unit
PC or processor based operator panel